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Welcome to our blog site! Here you'll find the latest pictures and news about our group. Visit us regularly to see what we're up to.

Communications are a critical service in an emergency. Experience has shown when communications systems fail, and they often do, assistance efforts are hampered and loss of life and injuries increase. Amateur Radio has a long history of providing auxiliary communications services to support emergency and social services. Amateur Radio (Ham) radio enthusiasts practice radio communications as a hobby, routinely talk around the globe, and are well equipped and trained to provide these services. The term 'amateur' refers only to the fact that it is a not-for-profit service and is not a reflection of the skill level.  Practitioners include engineers, doctors, lawyers, blue-collar workers and others from all walks of life and many commercial communications applications were first developed by Amateur Radio hobbyists.

Our Website is at http://separ.ca and our Informational Video is at URL: http://tinyurl.com/SeparsInfo

S.E.P.A.R. stands for Surrey Emergency Program Amateur Radio, an acronym of the City of Surrey’s Amateur Radio program. SEPAR is somewhat unique in that it is not an Amateur Radio club but a community service organization that includes both licensed Amateur Radio operators and other communications volunteers involved in the city emergency program. All SEPAR volunteers must submit to a criminal records check as a condition of membership. 

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Contact Information

Information e-mail separ.mail@gmail.com

Emergency Program Administrative Coordinator

The SEPAR Mailing Address

8767 - 132nd Street
Surrey, B.C. V3W 4P1


Interested in our course?

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We offer our Canadian Basic Amateur Radio Communications on-line course every 12 weeks. Whether as a hobby, possible electronics career path, remote outdoor activities, or for emergency communications, Amateur Radio just works. Click for more information or to register


The SEPAR Cruise-In

 Come show us yours... 

Many Amateur Radio licensees have home stations where the hobby is practiced for fun, contacting similar stations all over the globe, but the hobby has a serious side as well. We provide emergency communications where all other systems, such as cell phones or even radio towers fail. Many of us have mobile stations (in compliance with distracted driving regulations) that permit us to operate wherever and whenever. Mobile Amateur Radio is not restricted to cars and trucks but bicycles, even pedestrians and equestrians. This type of broad-based community availability requires no commercial infrastructure, hence the slogan: “ Amateur Radio works when all else fails”. This has been shown time and again all over the world.

SEPAR would like to host a first ever event of its kind locally. We have a commitment from the Surrey Fire Service and I expect that support from our contacts at the Surrey RCMP (or Surrey Police Service)  to judge the entries.  Prizes will be awarded for the neatest installation and the most bands covered.

The idea for this local event originated with the Portage County Amateur Radio Service (PCARS), a Wisconsin group who have been doing the Mobile Cruise-In for twelve consecutive years.  Their turnout varies with the weather, but in past years they've had 50 or more entries. In addition to the entrants and Amateur Radio spectators, we welcome members of the public to stop by and check out the goings on. They say that it's a great way to generate some exposure for Amateur Radio and our emergency programs.

We appreciate the support of the A&W restaurant at that location but, if you are not an A&W fan, there are several other refreshment options adjoining the same large parking lot.

So polish up your mobile rig, dust off your Grab ‘n Go kit and come show it off at  the ‘Cruise-In’

August 25: The post event video is now available at: https://youtu.be/VxwvYtPwaGU 


The SEPAR Video


What is SEPAR

Soon to be updated, we made a video a few years ago describing SEPAR and its role in the City of Surrey Emergency Program


SEPAR - SARC School and Libraries Program


Making kids aware of communications

For several years SEPAR and SARC brought an educational hands-on experience to primary school kids and library programs in the City of Surrey.

To enquire about a visit for your group, please contact us at SEPAR@ve7sar.net

Welcome to SEPAR

Welcome to our blog site! Here you'll find the latest pictures and news about our group. Visit us regularly to see what we're up to....